About Us

The Taylor Brothers - Kevin, Derrick, and Brad - Owners of Fluid-Aire Dynamics
Fluid-Aire Dynamics - Serving Industry for Over 40 Years

As a natural extension of our service to manufacturing, production, processing, and packaging facilities throughout the midwest, we are now offering Facility Safety Products, in-stock and at fair prices. Our buying group is able to source hand sanitizers, dispensers, and protective masks as a service to our customers, old and new.

Fluid-Aire Dynamics specialize in the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of industrial & commercial compressed air and vacuum systems. 

Kevin, Derrick, and Brad grew up in the family business and have been involved in compressed air system in some capacity since they were children. They have always been a part of the action including assisting their father, Garth (started Fluid-Aire Dynamics in 1983) after school. Today they are the management team for the company of 40+ employees. They lead teams of Sales Engineers and Technicians in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and San Antonio.

Fluid-Aire Dynamics. Inc.